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“No person has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a tragedy it is for a person to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable”

- Socrates -



Our philosophy is that we don't have a singular philosophy. You are unique, so we don't assume that the approach to your health and fitness needs is the same as anyone else's. 

At Phoenix S&C, we aim to understand you as a whole person. We help you to fully articulate your goals so that we can create a plan to work toward results that are meaningful to you (including understanding your why!).


This entails understanding what you value, your temperament, your personality, and the realities of your life (time, work, kids, family, etc.). Instead of forcing dramatic short-term change, we aim for improvements that can be sustained in the long-term. We want you to enjoy a life of health and movement - so we work with you on goals aligned with your purpose.


This focus comes from our working relationship with Think Gray Psychotherapy. Understanding the science of human behaviour, the philosophy of human nature, and how they interact with goal setting and motivation is what sets Phoenix S&C apart from other trainers.

(We also know a lot about movement and fitness too!)

Once we have developed a detailed understanding of you and your life, and helped you articulate meaningful goals, we use the latest information in the field of exercise science to create a program tailored specifically for you. This program will change as you change, and we'll coach you every step of the way!

““No one can build you the bridge on which you, and only you, must cross the river of life. There may be countless trails and bridges and demigods who would gladly carry you across; but only at the price of pawning and forgoing yourself. There is one path in the world that none can walk but you. Where does it lead? Don’t ask, walk!”

- Friedrich Nietzche -


The Program

At Phoenix S&C we begin with an assessment of your posture and bio-mechanics.

This helps us understand where we need to focus our attention to get your body functioning more effectively. We coach you through movement patterns and injury-prevention exercises so you can enact your program effectively and be your own coach outside our sessions!  

We then build upon this foundation to move towards your goals. The specifics of this change depending on where you are on your journey and what you want to achieve. At Phoenix S&C we have the expertise required to develop programs across all areas of health and fitness, from injury rehabilitation and pre- and post-natal levels to athletes and other competitors.  

Phoenix S&C's programing can be broken down into 6 componetns :

What we do


To action and maintain changes to your lifestyle, we must analyse your values. It is your values that orient the direction in which you move; if you don't value something what incentive is there to move towards it? We help you to articulate how health and fitness changes fit into your value structures.


(1) Identify and articulate Value Structures 


(2) Understand the realities of your life

(3) Help set realistic goals that fit within your values and account for the realities of your life

These steps help us create goals that, as you strive for them, will contribute positively to the overall value in your life. These goals are intrinsically motivating; the journey you're on becomes the best reward!

Then we create a program that is uniquely tailored to you in every way to ensure lasting success. 

Read on for more information on the Program.



Level 1 449 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest, 2065, Sydney, NSW

Tel: 0403-731-444

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"Aram has helped me develop my boxing and fitness to higher levels"

Tremayne Wiremu,

NSW novice amatuer boxing middleweight champion

January 10, 2017

"I have reached all my fitness goals with Aram's tailored program for me"

Matthew Clowes, Chief Operating Officer  International Acceptance PTY LTD

October 10, 2016

"Aram has been the only trainer that's kept me motivated. I am now down 6 dress sizes!"

Celina Rumbelow, Business Support finance systems Fairfax Media

March 10, 2016

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